Saturday, January 2, 2010

Comedians who I believe should not have a career in the coming decade

I will be the first to admit I have a very niche sense of humor that can only be summed up by these two geniuses:Throughout the ongoing progression of this blog, you will most likely hear me gush over the comedic greatness of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. I'm under the firm belief they can do very little to nothing wrong, and even if it is wrong it will undoubtedly crack me up. So if you can buy into their sense of humor, as well as the humor on the likes of the comedy of Mitch Hedberg, Zach Galifinakis or other absurdist parody comedians, then we're on the same wavelength. If you like Dane Cook, then you're part of the typical crass and idiotic American Household but I don't blame you. My issues of contention are not with Dane Cook today. He's been talked to death. Bastard probably knows what he's doing too.

Today I want to talk to the worst things about the comedy industry. Or the worst people rather. On with it. I'm gonna keep this one short and bitter. Like a house cleaning midget.

1. Mencia. Mencia is a fat obnoxious, overrated and trendy stand up who basically tries to be George Lopez. Where Lopez differs from him though is Lopez does not talk DOWN to his audience. You're frequently reminded that Mencia thinks he's smarter than you and everyone else by his trademark and unfunny "DEE DUH DEE". I can't tell you how much that slogan makes me hate humanity and want to jump off a bridge while I'm set aflame. While Lopez focuses on Mexicans, particularly his family, Mencia belittles the Latino community of which he is a part of as a whole and then profits on it. Enough said.

2. Tyler Perry. Another fucking moron who profits on spoofing and exploiting stereotypes of his own race through buffonery. Movie after movie of cross dressing and "LAWDY LAWDY" and playing some kind of modern Mammy character he continues to make money. I'm not even sure what to make of his films. Comedy on a raw, racist level that tries to make some kind of heartwarming message that never hits closer to home than full house. His films continue to come out and I'm ASTONISHED whenever I see trailers for them as to how they conintue to let him produce this stereotypical and unfunny shit.

3. Jeff Dunham. I think the first three in a row here are proving that if you're going to make stereotypical and racist humor you 1. Have to make it true and situationally relatable. 2. Target every race and class like Dave Chapelle while at the same time parodying your own and 3. Acknowledge the racial content of what you're saying. This moron doesn't even KNOW what he's doing is racist. Let's see...the dead arab puppet is the first thing. Clearly because we're American he's talking down to us because he believes this is funny. It's not. His other puppets are just disgusting as well. What about the mexican chilli pepper? The white man in a track suit? Ventriloquism was never funny. This guy should be kicked in the balls for his lamer humor.

4. Demitri Martin.Wordplay. Non sequitors. Look at me. I'm a tame hipster with a mop haircut. This is hipster comedy at it's worst. Watch as this man draws lines on a tablet and expects us to laugh as he conncets them to obvious associations which our mind would already create in the first place. Don't under estimate America's intelligence. He's not George Carlin. Carlin interprets the meaning of words. This guy dissects words letter by letter and rearranges them. With practice I'm sure anyone could do that. Literary genius?

I have nothing more to say. Hope you enjoyed it. Comments welcome.

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