Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Defaming Star Wars one comic book and Video Game at a time.

This entry will be true to form. Straight up nostalgia and proof as to why we can't have it as good as we had it when we were given times in our life that were so good that we want them back. That's what nostalgia is and for me, Star Wars is nostalgia. So before I drop my rant like it's got a temperature above 75 degrees, let me tell you what Star Wars means to me.
Star wars means this to me.

And this:
And most of all this:

When I was 4 years old I was accomplishing little with my fledgling life. One could argue that I accomplish little now sitting around and blogging about how great shit used to be. But what made it great? What rocket my world to the extreme that it gave me a balance and a purpose and explained the concept of good and evil in terms that made sense to me?

It was Christmas time and I was being an annoying little fuck. Back then it was easy for my mom to get me interested in doing something time consuming. Now I can't even sit through a journalism class. I'm not sure what happened. Anyways there was a Star Wars marathon on television. I remember seeing Greedo in particular while sitting in my parents bedroom. I remember the sci fi. The aliens. The princess. The Hutt. It was love at first site. While I will be the first to admit there have been better movies made, Star Wars is my favorite franchise of all time and has given me more joy and a greater sense of wonder throughout my life than anything else I can think of. I owe a great deal of credit to star wars for my creative process, my ability to tell stories and even my ability in basic skills.

As a kid I'd learn my spelling tests up and down to earn new star wars figures if I got an A on the spelling quiz. That was mom's reward. Same with math. I would read the guides to characters in the 90's and learn how to write these in depth biographies of star wars characters.

You can get into a movie and come out of it and like it and forget about it. There are FEW franchises (star trek is dumb. Sorry) where you can create an entire behind the scenes mythos and market it. There are FAMOUS star wars characters whose names are never uttered in the film. Bib Fortuna. Dr. Evazan. Wicket W Warick. Then there are SIDE characters, aliens with minutes of screen time who all of America knows about. Boba Fett flies to mind. Greedo. Grand Moff Tarkin, etc. etc.

Star wars comics were the first comic books I ever read, long before Batman. As a kid Star Wars was everything to me and the sad fact is the experience that my generation had with Star Wars and the generations before me is being tainted by the ruination and whoring of the franchise. If you didn't grow up on Star Wars the way I did or even the way other kids in our generation did, you simply can never and will never be able to appreciate it to the fullest. I was lucky enough to see the Prequels while I was still a child craving more star wars anything. Now that I'm not so naive, I see 2 out of 3 of them as terrible films, though I'm becoming a little more forgiving to the first one. The point is...Star Wars fans are changing their attitude. The Star Wars that is being pushed and marketed now is now what we grew up with.

Clone Wars. Comic books. EXPANDED UNIVERSE. What the fuck is this shit:

Yeah I don't know who this subject of fanboy jerk sessions is either. Apparently she just won FANS CHOICE as the #1 most likely candidate of STAR WARS to become an action figure. Rumor has it she's in the oh so lame RPG style game, Knights of the Old Repbulic. In the 90's I was all for EXPANDED universe. Novels that take new characters and characters from the movies and add further story to them. Now that they've branched into the video game territory they find characters who use 1000 lightsabers, embody the spirit of the force and can blow a jedi holocron. Video Games lack creativity and when they try to get creative it just gets into that immature super nerd category. Take star wars as a film.

Pulp sci-fi, retro 70's and 80s. Star Wars was revolutionary for its time and gave us characters we could care about and stood the taste of time and became part of pop culture iconography. This KOTOR is only one part of the puzzle of the perversion of the franchise. Since the prequels, EVERYONE can be a jedi and wield a lightsaber. You might think I'm a fanboy blowing smoke but consider this, there's a reason why star wars is so popular and movies like He Man and Tron are not. Because it isn't campy. This is borderline anime and it IS campy. Did we need another Clone Wars cartoon? The 2004 cartoon by Tartarkovsky was probably the closest I've felt to a star wars vibe since the original trilogy. From the music to thep pacing to the quick animation it was truely artistic. Not this pixar crap, jedi-are-bffs-with-clones stuff that you have today. This is not why star wars is popular and it would be forgotten as some weirld cult film if it was. People don't know how to appreciate movie magic anymore.

I won't blame Lucas. Everyone has blamed Lucas at some point. I blame the fans. I blame the fans who don't know what's good for the franchise and continue to demand more of characters like hot anime chick up here. She has nothing in common with the series. She doesn't expand the universe in any way. So why include her? I don't think video games should deviate from the films. How about that? Battlefront is the only playable star wars game in that sense. I'm not just a bitter close minded fan. I've seen it all and I know what sells and I know what I like and this, trash, this clone wars-comic book, video game revival of star wars is worse than just letting it die. Let those of us who respect these films continue to hold them sacred and not belittle them with this crazy fan fiction. If you want to tell these stories that's fine. There's always thousands of hard sci fi garbage littering up the fiction section of the book store that you can slot your book into. You don't have to ride off a star wars title because you know it sells. Don't take these great films away from future generations. Unless it's too late.

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  1. The prequels... I mean I saw all 3 in theaters... and I actually really liked The Phantom Menace when it came out... because I was little... I didn't know better. Attack of the Clones I never liked... Revenge of the Sith I saw at a nice, mature age and really liked. I do have a soft spot for Phantom Menace, though... It may be the second worst in the series, but it was the first one I saw (I know, I know... HERESY) so without it I may have never seen the originals.

    As for camp... Your very first picture is of the bar scene... TOTAL camp scene right there... Ewoks? Also camp. C3P0? Chewbacca? Yoda? Any major franchise has its camp moments and characters... it's part of the fun.

    And I do blame Lucas. He's so focused on bringing new fans into the franchise that he's completely disregarding all the people who have been hardcore fans for 30+ years.

    Other than that, though, I respect your opinion and totally see where you're coming from... that's how franchises work though... you make something great and squeeze every last drop of creativity out until you've made enough money to buy your own country and let in some Jedis and Siths for a serious $10,000 LARPfest